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Gli omogeneizzati biologici e artigianali esistono. La storia di una piccola azienda marchigiana...

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Here was born the first real homogenized organic fruit at zero km in ITALY

  • Small family business

    Valdaso is a magical place, where we live and grow fruit and vegetables. Since 2016 we have been transforming these gifts into baby food for babies and for the older ones, jams, juices, purƩes and condiments. For a healthy, natural and respectful lifestyle of Mother Nature.

  • Organic certification

    Beyond that of climate change, our biggest challenge is to always offer you excellent product quality. This is why we have converted our lands to organic farming and do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Handcrafted preserves

    All stages of processing, from harvesting to packaging, are done by hand in our laboratory. The techniques and recipes are those of our grandmothers: 100% natural. We don't use preservatives or additives... only pulp and juice!!!

BiofavoleĀ® Fruit Tales

Tales of Vegetables BiofavoleĀ®

  • "I'm Alessandra and the story begins when our son Leonardo was small. During weaning, we had a series of unpleasant episodes because he was allergic to certain types of foods. Together with my husband Fabio, we approached the world of natural and organic and from there, almost for fun, a dream came true just like in Fairy Tales, in this case Bio. And a few years later... it was Greta!"

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The satisfaction of buying

Excellent product

The fruit and vegetables we use come EXCLUSIVELY from our plots and are transformed in our laboratory adjacent to the land.

Healthy and nutritious

Naturally free from gluten, lactose and allergens.

Respect the environment

No fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used in the cultivation of plants and the subsoil.