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Biofavole® Valdaso

Peppers in organic oil

Peppers in organic oil

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BioFavole peppers in oil are obtained from the processing of fresh peppers and vegetables, harvested and processed by hand according to a traditional family recipe. The peppers, onions, carrots and celery are marinated for at least 12 hours in white wine vinegar, once drained from the marinade they are preserved in sunflower oil, a family recipe that makes them a tasty side dish and healthy.

All ingredients are strictly organic.

All phases, from harvesting to processing and packaging, are performed by hand, this means that the peppers in oil are a high quality artisan product with attention to every detail.

Peppers*, sunflower oil*, carrots*, onions*. CELERY*, white wine vinegar* . *organic product. (Contains sulfites)

Usage :
Soft on the palate and delicately flavoursome, they are perfect to be paired with cured meats , aged cheeses , marinated or steamed fish, hard pasta and white meats , especially boiled meats .

Conservation :
Consumption at room temperature is recommended.
Once opened, they must be kept in the refrigerator covered with their preservation liquid, or in oil, and consumed within a few days.

Average storage time:
🗓 24 months from the production date.

⭕️ Celery
✅ May contain sulfites
✅ Gluten free

Available format:
net weight 280g – drained weight 200g

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr.

Power kcal 118 / kJ 493
Fats 5.8 g.
of which saturated 0.6 gr.
Carbohydrates 12.2 g
of which sugars 8.5 g.
fibers 3.6 g.
Protein 2 gr.
salt 1.4 g.
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